Top 5 Best Gaming Headset That Is Worth Buying In 2016

Today, we live in a world where gaming has become an important part of it. There is no denying that every modern person has owned a gaming system in his house, but to play them with complete accessory headsets are an essential part as well. A gamer demands too much, but he can only satisfy when he gets something he should have a very long time. How it would feel when you play games on your gaming consoles and PC’s but still their speakers you have not lived up to your expectations.

Best Gaming Headset

Best gaming headset:

Everyone has its personal preferences to match your style and make your gaming experience a bit more real. We are talking about not just any ordinary headphones but the ones who you can rely on for the very long time with excellent quality and high-end models you can choose eventually.

The biggest advantage you will from them is that they will provide you more immersive feeling and comfort that you never want to take them off very soon.

So, without wasting any more time here the top 5 best gaming headset you can consider who are worth of your money.

1) Logitech G35:

This headset is the perfect you can ever get because it offers 7.1 surround system it is manufactured by the famous Dolby Digital company and powered by their technology. This one delivers an overall fully detailed immersive sound you can hear everything. You can hear enemies coming from very far distance easily. It is customizable and gives you full control and access to volume settings it also comes with a LED and microphone it will cost you for $280.

2) Kingston hyper-X cloud 2:

If you own gaming consoles like, PS4 and Xbox one, then you might want to get something that matches their compatibility. It also supports 7.2 surround systems. The sound heard outstanding. The frequency range and response are up to 15Hz to 20Hz, and a unique thing about this headset are that it has some powerful neodymium magnets it comes with a one year warranty and will cost you for just $120.

3) Steel Series Siberia 840 headset:

When you talk about best gaming headset how can you ever forget about the long awaited and highly acclaimed one the Siberia 80 series? This the latest model and has everything that you love about your gaming has never got so real. Audio is very much more realistic and is customizable also adjusting the microphone feels unique. This one will cost you $220.

4) Razor Kraken pro-2016:

You certainly have never seen like this eye-grabbing and attractive gaming headset. It enhanced with a retractable microphone and 50 mm audio drivers with a perfect frequency response rate. It is a very much affordable will cost you for just $100.


This one is a premium gaming headset with a cartoonish design and has very rich features it has two USB pods with soft ear cups and with a comfortable microphone. It is for the flashy games and will cost you for $180.

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