Big Head Basketball:Despite Being A Comparatively Tricky Game

Big head basketball:

Basketball, despite being a comparatively tricky game, always receives an immense amount of love from a lot of people around the world. We all know that Europeans love football, but basketball is the second most admired game in Europe. In the USA, it receives a lot of attention because of NBA and most of the NBA players enjoy very high statuses. Most of the kids start learning basketball from an early age, starting from school. Colleges arrange regular basketball tournaments and students always show great interest in such tournaments.

Basketball games are a must have for a lot of online gaming websites available. This goes on to show the popularity of football among those who love to play online games. Big head basketball is probably one of the most efficient platforms for basketball games that provide a close to real life experience of playing basketball. Apart from tournaments, it comes with some different teams as well.

Mind Freeze Studios designed these games in such a way that they are compatible with multiple platforms. Both windows and android users can conveniently play these games.

Big head basketball

Rules of the Game:

The rules of Big head basketball are pretty simple and straight forward. There are a lot of different opponents, all with different levels of skills and the user has to challenge them to win. The opponents are not hard to beat, and they give the players very tough time. Without the knowledge of the shortcomings of his opponents, the user can’t make full use of his skills.

A player will need energy boosts from time to time while playing the game. Power cards can help in the attainment of more energy. These power cards, a user, must collect while playing the game or he can also purchase them.

Additional Features:

This game comes with some additional features that add to its uniqueness. The best thing about this game is that not only the young gamers like it but also some elderly gamers are admirers of its features as well.

Following are some of the features of this game that will make you want to give it a try:

Energy Boosts:

Energy boosts are an essential part of every game as they keep the game alive and kicking. For the purpose of enhancement of the player’s energy, this game offers several power cards that are easy to collect.

Powerful Opponents:

No game is possible without the presence of opponents. This game features opponents that will make the player utilize all his skills and give him a very tough time.


To keep the players interested, the advanced version of this game offers several championships. The best thing about such championships is that they are actually like real tournaments and come with teams and lots of cool players.


This game comes with a prize wheel, but the player has to use his available energy to spin it. Once the player does so, the prize wheel could win him several things from energy boosts to other rewards, useful for the game. In addition to that, several in-app purchases can make as well to buy energy boosts and other skills.

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