Body fitness secrets you must know – #4 is unbelievable

The Old School Body Hacks eBook got the attention of most fitness enthusiast after it revealed some fitness secrets which are really needed to reach the desired fitness goal. It is not new that people have challenges when it comes to getting a good result from adopted fitness routine. But, I have decided to share with you some awesome secrets that could take you through to achieving success with your fitness goal.

Below are secrets you should have in mind before and during your fitness routine;

#1Stay Focus

It is no news that there are series of things we want to be accomplished, also plenty of goals to achieve, all getting our focus… but by trying to achieve all at a time we get to derail losing energy and focus. It is best that you stay focused one thing after the other to attain success with all consecutively. Let’s take for example; if for a month your routine has to do with diet, it is advised that you focus solely on that and not how to lift some weights. Ensure you follow due process to reach to reach that fitness goal – let your routine take the usual turn.

 #2Rest is necessary

People oftentimes forget this after just because they got carried away or something. You need to know that today – you only break your muscles when your workout holds no rest and this makes your muscles unable to neither recover nor grow. Every exercise has one stress or the other that affects our bodies; this is why rest is needed for the body for the purpose of improvement and adaptation. You need not stop your workouts throughout a whole day all in the name of rest. All we are saying is if you work on your arm today working on your things tomorrow, with that your arm would have rested.

 #3Shoot on for one or two, and not a few weeks

There are no overnight fitness fixes, it doesn’t matter what you’ve been told or what that website promises. Never believe their magic tricks because they won’t work. Getting healthy and fit is a gradual thing. If you discover you are having a long way to go, aim at staying healthy after one year. The whole process still boils down to the fact that it’s all a gradual succession.

#4Give reference to diet first

If all you are aiming at losing fat/weight, the number one thing you need to give reference to is your diet. More calories can be cut off from watching substances that you eat more than when you have to burn them doing some exercise. I’m not disputing the fact that both should be your fitness regimen. But, a diet should be worked on first before working on the best-needed type of workouts. Never be a part of those who believe that because they are working out they could eat whatever they want. If you belong to this category you’ll end up getting nowhere.

#5Never compare you to the models you see on magazine

We can never be the same, remember we all have different genetics. It is natural to admire and want to be like most models you see on TV and magazine but its fitness goal doesn’t work like that. Most of the models you see have to go on special diet weeks before there photo-shoots just to look what you’re seeing. Some are made to look astonishing with the help of photoshop edits. Thus, what should be important to you is how to become naturally fit and healthy and not be some kind of model.

 #6Do that exercise which is best for you

We’ve all got our individual ability, even our goal varies. Therefore that exercise that is best for your fitness goal is what you should adopt. You need not follow what others are doing, just get the routine that suits your own interest. Make sure to enjoy that fitness regimen you have chosen. Also ensure you get that strategy that works out best for you, that which you enjoy doing. This is when your effort can be maximized and your fitness goals reached.

#7Learn to be consistent and present at all times

The key factor here is that you “enjoy regimen”. The affinity you’ve got for your regimen would always keep you constant and devoted. Embrace all that you do just to reach and attain your fitness goal. Being present and consistent makes the whole process more enjoyable.

Choosing the best fitness regimen for yourself relies solely on you. However, if you feel you need guide try associating yourself with fitness tipster – It might just be all you need to keep fit.

Susan Hernandez

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