Documentation Procedures of Personal Injury

The documentation procedure related to personal injuries is categorized into many stages. The first stage is during the initial client interview. During this stage the lawyer makes an attempt to gather maximum information from the victim of the incident. He records the interview and specifies all the points to be further investigated. This is the initial document of interview. The second document  is related to the evidences obtained from the incident spot.

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Investigation Procedure and Documentation

The initial task of the Parker Waichman Attorneys is to seal off the incident location and prevent access to the evidences by unauthorized people. This is done almost immediately after the initial consultations with the client. The next procedure is to collect the evidences from the incident spot. They are recorded in the document with specifications related to the incident and the injury.

  • The Attorneys take Photographs /videos from the location and the injuries sustained by the client. Unusual elements like foreign objects, fluids and other objects are subject to forensic analysis. Fingerprints, footprints and other evidences are collected and documented.
  • Weather conditions, road conditions, the condition of the involved vehicles and the persons during the time of accident are recorded. The attorneys prepare a detailed document based on the details.

Parker Waichman Attorneys

  • The attorneys interview the probable witnesses present at the incident location. It is possible that some of them were present during the incident. The investigators document the statements and get their contact details from those who might be willing to testify.
  • The investigators get a copy of the driving License from the defendant and the victim (client, if he happens to drive a car during eh accident). This helps in documenting the driving history, previous accidents, any violation of rules and tickets issued in the past etc.

Analysis Procedure and Documentation

The next stage of analysis of evidence objects, blood samples, scan, X-ray and the other medical reports. Hence it is important for the client to seek medical help immediately after the accident. The reports help in giving credit tot eh claims of compensation from the insurance company as well as the defendant.

  • The physical and mental conditions of the drivers before the accident are analyzed and recorded. This may require blood samples of the other driver. This procedure helps to determine whether he was driving under influence or other stressful conditions.
  • The samples collected from the vehicles and the spot provide critical information about the liability of the defendant and the negligence of the victim. The attorneys assess and document the information.
  • Forensic reports extracted from the analysis of clothes, blood stains and body tissues from the spot help in determining the causes of specific injuries.

Fine Tuning the Personal Injury Documents

The attorneys work with the help of medical experts in fine tuning the documents to prepare a legal document used for the lawsuit and insurance claim. This may be subject to amendments based on the availability of further information from evidences and witnesses. Once the document is made legal by the court of law, any further modifications will need explicit approval from the law enforcement authorities and the judges.


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