Flat Tire Services in Toronto,Canada



Having a flat tire is one of the major inconveniences of driving. When a good spare is notavailable, you either have to call a tow truck or fix the tire by yourself. The process of fixing it byyou is relatively easy and requires only a few steps and tools.

Method -1 Find the Leak

  1. Pump up the Tire:

In order to find a leak, the tire must be properly pressurized. You should inflate your tire with air until it reaches the appropriate pressure (measured in psi) specified in your vehicle’s service manual.


  1. Visually check the tire:

Before moving on to more time consuming techniques, you should take a moment to look at your tire. If you notice any holes, cuts, or objects stick out from tire then you have definitely found your tires’leak


  1. Listen for a mocking sound.

Even if you aren’t able to see the problem you might be able to hear it. A mocking sound is a clear sign that air is leaking from your tire, and can help you locate the leak.

  1. Feel air around the tire

If you run your hands over the tire carefully you may feel the leak even if you can’t hear or see it.

  1. Use soap and water solution

If you followed the steps above and you are still not able to easily find the leak, then don’t worry. Spraying the tire with a little soapy water or window cleaner may help a lot. While doing so if you see bubbling at any place on the surface of the tire then you have definitely found your leak.

  1. Cover the tire with the soap and water solution. 

You can use a spray bottle to spray the tire, or if a spray bottle isn’t available you can just pour the mixture over the tire to check for any leaks.

  1. Watch for bubbles.

As air escapes the tire and encounters the soapy water mixture, it will form soap bubbles. If you notice the soapy water bubbling at any particular place on the tire, you have found your leak.


Method – 2 Fix the Leak with Tire Puncture Sealants


  1. Carefully read the use on the bottle of sealant

Various manufacturers have slightly different steps. However, there are some steps that are generally the same.


  1. Pull out any object that has punctured your tire. 

After investigating the cause of flat tire, you should immediately remove that thing which punctured your vehicle’s tire

  1. Rotate the tire until the valve is at the top

Unscrew your tires’valve cap. You have to put the sealant in the same way that you did for inflate your tire with air.

  1. Attach the nozzle of the sealant to the valve 

Once you have placed it securely, press a button to release the fluid.


  1. Drive the car. 

You need to drive your car slowly to rotate the tire. This allows the fluid to be distributed evenly inside the tire and prevents it from forming a heavy lump inside the tire.


  1. Replace your tire. 

Tire sealants are great to secure you out in major crisis. Unfortunately they are only good for 3 days or 100 miles, whichever comes first. You should replace your tire before then to avoid possible problems.


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