Myth associated with eating hot cross buns on Good Friday 2017


Good Friday is also known as Great Friday or Holy Friday. It is basically a religious day which marks the death and crucifixion of Jesus Christ. It is observed in the Christian community throughout the world. The date for Easter changes every year so is the Good Friday date. In 2016, Good Friday was celebrated on 25th March while Good Friday 2017 will be observed on 14th April. Every country has different customs associated with Good Friday. However, eating hot cross buns is the common custom observed on this holiday. Certain myths are associated with eating hot cross buns.

  • Bread never get stale throughout the year

If someone baked bread on Good Friday then that bun would stay fresh for the whole year. A legend reported that the bun would remain mold-free for the entire year. According to the Bible, the Christ body never decays after crucifixion. However, that bun should be replaced each Good Friday. Throughout the year, the bun was then used as a medicine for treating certain illnesses.

  • Keep away bad spirits

These hot cross buns have cross over the top, so they protect an individual from evil spirits. If it is hung in the kitchen then it would prevent kitchen from burning. Moreover, hanging hot cross buns in kitchen would ensure that all the breads will be baked perfectly and deliciously throughout the year.

  • Strengthen friendship

Legend says that people who share hot cross buns would enjoy their friendship for the entire next year. Moreover, it is sign of good luck between the friends.

  • Magical nature

People believe that the Good Friday bread has magical nature. Baking bread at this day has quite different impact then baking it on the other days. It produced magical effects and prevents people from any bad luck. Legend also report that this hot cross bun would bring good luck in an individual life.

So, if an individual wants to avoid any mishaps in life then he should take hot cross bun on the Good Friday 2017 as well.

Susan Hernandez

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