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The amazing world of delivers more than what it promises. You can find all the latest information related to music and sport in here. But today I am going to focus only on the musical part of the site. Go to the menu and click on music (This is the default loaded page anyway) and you will be taken to the top performers listing for the day. At the moment Lucero is at the top of the list followed by ZZ top, Roger Waters, the Lumineers, Blink-182 and the others. I really don’t have any idea about how the site ranks the artists, but it hardly makes any music fan like me and you. So, let’s get started from Lucero.

Lucero on

Sweet little thing is one of the greatest hits from Lucero in the year 2010. I have come to like Lucero for its country music more than anything else. The country music festival in the year 2016 at California is something which you can’t ever forget. Ben Nichols was at his charming best when he came on stage with his typical guitar and let his attractive voice float in the air. That was day one as I remember. Many artists from various groups performed on that day. However the initiation given by Ben Nichols has been unforgettable. If you have any inclination to listen to the Lucero do tune into and start following their albums and tours.

Roger Waters on

How can you ever forget the famous another brick on the wall from the Pink Floyd group? I heard it for the first time when I was in high school. I had turned to listening to all the other albums and songs from the group within the next few days after that.

The classic rock from Roger Waters solo includes 4:50AM go fishing.  The lyrics are about the life of a child as seen from his eyes. As you go through each line of the lyrics you will be able to visualize the images which are related to them. I felt a better sensation when I started listening to that song. It was more like floating through my own childhood days till I reached the age of adolescence. There have been many other such solo songs which put Roger Waters at the top of my listing as well as that of

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Skizzy Mars is the latest sensation with his alternate rap music. The present generation music lovers have lot in common with him. He has a huge fans following on all the leading social media websites today. Music lovers from all age groups are listening to his different songs and composition with avid interest and awe.

About is a leading site for all the music lovers like me and you who wish to keep in touch with the young and not so young musicians from rock, pop, jazz, country, rap and alternate rap music world from yesterday, today and perhaps even tomorrow.

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