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Did you hear about Drifting? That is an amazing sport, which is both very dangerous and breathtaking. It is originated from Japan, but nowadays in caved its niche in different countries, and gained popularity all over the world. More and more drivers are involved in this hair rising activity.

What is the idea of the sport? In drifting drivers are encouraged to drive at high speeds as they intentionally want to lose the control over the vehicle. As a result, drivers, who participate in drifting, require special tyres to suit this sport. The manufacturers managed to cope with this challenge so specially made tyres can easily slide over the tracks for a good distance. The modern market is full of different special tyres and brands you can choose between if you are an enthusiast of this sport.

Why are drift tyres different from ordinary ones? And what makes them appropriate for this extreme sport? The main difference is that in drift racing tyres the front and the back ones are drastically different to deal with the wear and tear of drifting. The problem is that the major pressure of the drifting process can completely destroy rear wheels in a single day. That is why, to avoid such a problem mind a simple rule on how to use the tyres for drifting: good expensive racing tires are used in the front sets while harder compounded sets are used in the rear. 15” wheels are the most common ones used in the rear and they can burn out in about an hour or two of hard drifting. By the way, most drivers start with well worn tyres to get the hang of the sport and then move on to higher grade compounded tyres.

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Which size, grip and pressure are advisable for drift tyres?

  • 15’ inch is the standard for novice drivers but there are drivers who start off with 17”wheels. It’s your choice if you are comfortable with it but as a rule, 17” is basically used for turbo cars with low profiled tires;
  • Grip also depends on the cars that you have and whether you have enough experience with the sport. High grip tires are generally the best though;
  • Tire pressure is also completely dependent on your experience with the sport. You can start with 25 psi pressure in a new tires and then progress to 22 psi in older tires. This will protect your car and prevent them from delaminating faster. After you have raced a few times, you also have to check pressure again. Increase the pressure by 3-4 psi to make the tires work better.

What about the tyre manufacturers popular at the modern tyre market? First of all, let’s mention yokohama tyres, this car manufacturer is well known for great quality of produced tyres. These tyres will be perfect for those drivers who prefer dangerous and aggressive driving. Choose the set and enjoy your dangerous and at the same time safe(!) driving!

Another dealer, which has a rich drifting tyre collection is BF Goodrich. This company is now owned by Michelin. The tyre manufacturer, best known for its specialty in producing tyres for drifting is Maxxis Tires. Speaking about the prices , they usually vary from 20 to 500$ for a single one, depending on the quality of the rubber.

By the way, it is not necessary to choose only well-known brands, some smaller tyre manufacturers can also provide you with highly qualitative items. Sometimes it is a good idea to get in touch with forums. The people who are engaged into this sport will readily share their experience and recommend you the best drift tyres basing on their own experience.

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